Tom's Country Place

Wedding Policies

Our Venue & Payment Policies

Our Policies:

Banquet Hours: Available hours are from 12:00 noon until 12:00 midnight. Wedding receptions are five hours long. All music or entertainment must end no later than midnight. You are guaranteed access to your room at 12:00 noon on the day of your event. Vendors will have access to the room after 2:30pm on the day of your event.

Room Seating Minimum: The minimum adult guest requirements are listed below unless otherwise specified in your contract notes; if attendance falls below the minimum, payment will still be required for the minimum.
-Oak Room 80 minimum; 160 maximum
-Gold Room 200 minimum*; 225 maximum *(or 150 guest minimum plus room fee)
Gold & West Room 226 minimum; 350 maximum
-Grand Ballroom 350 minimum; 500 maximum

Set-Up and Clean-Up: The set-up and clean-up for your room including all tables, chairs, and linens provided by or rented through Tom’s Country Place is provided by our staff. All decorations, gifts, and other personal or professional items are to be set-up by the renting party and removed by a member of your party from our facility upon exiting the evening of your event.

Venue Decorating: You are guaranteed access to your room at 12:00 noon on the day of your event for decorating. We offer decorating items that you may use for your wedding reception. These decorative items are offered at no additional charge; however, the set-up of these items is the responsibility of the renting party. We are not responsible for the set-up of the decorative items or any of your personal decorations. Candles may be used, provided that wax does not drip or burn table linens. Charges will be applied for wax damages/burns to table linens. No glitter or confetti is allowed. No nails, staples, tacks, or adhesive tapes may be applied to walls, molding, or tables. Special cleaning fees may be assessed. Only our approved event decorators are allowed to hang decorative ceiling fabric/lighting due to the delicacy of the ceiling tiles and light fixtures. If you have any questions on our decorating restrictions please discuss your plans with us so there is no misunderstanding about what is allowed.

Linens: White linen mid-floor length tablecloths (85” square) are included in the wedding price. 60” round tables will sit eight guests comfortably. Standard linen napkins are also included in 27 different colors. Table skirting for your guest registry table, gift table, buffet tables, and head table are also provided. Table skirting colors are white or black. A black linen tablecloth and black skirting is included for any buffet and/or food service table. If you wish to select other color choice for linens and table skirting, custom color and fabric options are available at an additional charge.

Outdoor Garden Ceremony: In the event of inclement weather, your ceremony will be held in your reserved reception room, guests will be seated at their tables, and the charge for the white ceremony chairs will be refunded if not already set up. You must notify us two hours prior to the ceremony start time if the ceremony is to be moved inside due to inclement weather. If you do not notify us of your request to move the ceremony indoors, we will plan to set up the chairs outside for you; once the chairs have been set they are no longer refundable. The garden fee is non-refundable, however there is no additional charge to move your ceremony indoors. Any decorations in the gardens must be set up and removed within your time slot. We do not allow the use of birdseed, real or artificial rose petals, or sparklers in the garden area. Ceremony rehearsals are available in the garden area. You may schedule your rehearsal sixty days prior to your wedding date. If your rehearsal is scheduled in the evening hours (after 5:00pm) you will not have access to your reserved banquet room as it will be closed after usual business hours. Adult supervision is required at all times for children in our outdoor garden areas.

Outside Food Service: We do not allow any outside food to be brought into the facility with the exception of your wedding cake. We do make special exceptions if you would like to bring in your own specialty desserts and/or pastries, however a plating charge may be applied. We are not responsible for storage or refrigeration of your wedding cake or desserts. Please contact us regarding this matter.

Audio/Visual Equipment: We have an in-house PA system, microphones, and a projection screen available at no fee, if needed. You or your entertainment company may also bring in other audio/visual equipment as needed.

DJ, Band, and Entertainment: We supply a recommended list of professional music entertainers for your convenience. You may still choose professionals not included on this list; however, we do require an Entertainment Agreement to be signed by your DJ or band. The signed Entertainment Agreement and a copy of the professional’s business liability insurance is due back to Tom’s Country Place no later than one day prior to your wedding date. We reserve the discretional rights for noice, nuisance, and excess volume control. Click here to print the entertainment contract.

Liability: Tom’s Country Place, Inc. is not responsible for damage or loss of any merchandise, equipment, clothing, or other valuables left after any event. Clients assume all responsibility for any violations of City, State, and Federal Laws. The Bridal Rooms do not lock from the outside; any items left inside are done so at your discretion. For reasons of liability we do not allow the practice of doing “shots” of liquor. Adult supervision is required at all times for children in our outdoor garden areas.

Payment Information:

Deposit: A deposit is required to secure and book your date and must be accompanied by a signed contract. Weddings require a deposit of: $1,300.00 to reserve the Oak Room; $1,800.00 to reserve the Gold Room; $3,000.00 to reserve the Grand Ballroom. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Cashier’s Check, Personal Check, or Cash for payment for the deposit. This amount will be applied as a credit to the balance of your event. There will be a $50.00 service fee for any check that is returned for insufficient funds.

Cancellation: All deposits are non-refundable. In the event of a cancellation, your deposit is refundable only under the following criteria: Tom’s Country Place must be able to re-book the exact date as listed on your contract with the same minimum guest requirements and at the same price per guest as listed on the current wedding price list.

Guarantees: An appointment should be made approximately one month prior to your wedding date to finalize all menu and event details. Your final guest count is due 10 days prior to your event date. It is not possible to decrease your final guest count after this deadline. Should your guest count increase after the deadline, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your additional guests. If you are having assigned seating, a completed seating chart is due 10 days prior to your event. Please note that your invoice will be billed to include the total number of guest chairs on your seating chart. If your vendors require a meal, please remember to include them in your final guest count and on your seating chart.

Pricing: There are many factors and options that go into accurately quoting a price for your wedding, including your guest count, date, dinner plans, ceremony preferences, decor ideas, and more. Please contact our Event Coordinator today to discuss wedding pricing.

Payments: The remaining balance and final payment is due no later than one day before your event. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Cashier’s Check, or Cash. Please note that we do not accept personal checks for the final payment.